Traditions Windows

  • A. Roller tilt constant force balance system for years of smooth and quiet operation.
  • B. Dual Glaze using Unix double strength glass for maximum SHGC and UV protection.
  • C. FLIPLOCK automatic locks that meet or exceed forced entry resistance requirements.
  • D. Frame and sash corners are fusion welded at 45 degrees to eliminate air/water infiltration.
  • E. Our EZ Lift Screen handle is integrated into the screen frame making our screens stronger, yet simple to manage.
  • F. True slope sill to naturally drain rainwater away from the window.
  • G. Integral sash ventilation latches allow safer enjoyment of a cool evening breeze.
  • H. Full aluminum reinforced meeting rails for maximum strength.
  • I. Our super clear, BetterVue Screen is standard on this window.

DH performance rating DP35 with optional DP45 performance package

Additional Performance Options:

  • Optional insulated frame for maximum insulating value, 7.14 R-value per inch.
  • Optional triple glaze with Krypton to meet Energy Star?s proposed 2015 requirements.

The Importance of Solar Heat Gain & Windows

What is SHGC? A simple way to explain SHGC is in terms of a ratio; where 1 is the maximum amount of solar heat gain that can come through a window and 0 is the least amount. An SHGC of 0.40 then means that 40% of the available solar heat is coming through the window. It should be noted that SHGC ratings, like all NFRC ratings, express the performance rating for the entire window, not just the glass. This is important, because SHGC ratings also include the ability of a window to absorb the heat form the sun and transmit it (conduct) through the entire window and into the room. Therefore the type of window, as well as the glass, can affect the SHGC rating.

The majority of this solar heat gain comes through your windows and doors. The most effective way to manage the amount of solar gain that enters your home or office is to block it before it enters. One way to accomplish this is to install windows that have a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (or SHGC) rating.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has established a standard method for rating the amount of solar heat gain that is admitted through a window. The lower the SHGC rating, the better the ability of the window to block the heat from the sun.


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